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You don’t have to keep suffering from allergy symptoms. Today’s treatments, such as radiotherapy, immunotherapy (allergy shots), or our KTP-532 laser offer effective, lasting relief. Not only will we diagnose and treat your allergies, but we’ll also educate you on the environmental changes that are necessary for optimal allergy relief. Together, we’ll make allergy problems a thing of the past — so you can breather easier once and for all.

Most patients that come to see Dr. Scott for symptoms of allergic rhinitis are suffering from nasal congestion, postnasal drip, sneezing, sinus pressure headaches, frequent sinusitis, watery eyes, sore throat, chronic cough, or ear infections. Many patients may experience these symptoms on a seasonal period, but many times this is a year round battle.

Dr. Scott’s approach to allergic rhinitis treatment starts with a full review of the patient’s medical history and undergoes a complete allergy-testing program. Dr. Scott uses skin testing, acoustic rhinometer (to measure airway flow in the nose) allowing him to determine the correct treatment modalities.

If medication treatments do not achieve the results, Dr. Scott can treat the allergic rhinitis and sinusitis with a procedure called laser/Radiofrequency turbinate reduction. Laser/radiofrequency turbinate procedure is a fast, effective way to relieve allergic rhinitis, chronic nasal obstruction or some cases of chronic sinusitis.