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Sinus Pain, Allergies, or Snoring? No Problem!

Dr. Terry Scott is one of the few ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeons to provide radiofrequency turbinate reduction (RFTR) that is known to eliminate nasal obstruction. Dr. Scott utilizes radiofrequency/laser energy to safely and painlessly reduce enlarged nasal turbinate, which is the swollen tissue that often causes most nasal obstruction.

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Scott Philosophy of Caring

“Compassion and the ability to listen are important aspects of our practice. We spend the time necessary to understand our patients’ needs so we can help relieve their pain and discomfort. Or, to help them hear better, look better and feel better about themselves. We enjoy seeing treated patients live healthier, more complete lives. We appreciate your patronage and trust.”

—Terry W. Scott, MD, Director

Sinus Pressure & Headaches

  • Relieve headaches and facial pressure
  • Relieve nasal stuffiness and drainage
  • Non-invasive laser treatment used as an alternative to surgery


  • Shrink swollen tissues and mucus producing turbinates
  • Unblock nasal passages
  • Stop postnasal drip rather than removing turbinates


  • Increase air flow and decrease resistance
  • Tighten the uvula
  • Laser and radio therapies used as great alternatives to surgery

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